How to Install your Splunk Server in Linux

SPLUNK is one of the most widespread SIEM Solution Because of the big functionality that  described in robust and powerful software  and flexible query language supported  

: Splunk  server installation  can be achieved in two modes


 Clustering Architecture :  that contains some nodes some of the-

(.cluster master , license master , search heads , indexers , etc)

 All-in-one :  that contains all of these servers in one server only and this- 

way is very useful if you have a small business or creating an environment for learning 

  in this blog we will show in brief how to install All-in-one Splunk Server in Ubuntu  

 ! let's go 

First , you should make your machine ready and update it


apt get update  

then download your package from Splunk official website- 

install the package using package manager -

 after the installation complete check the status-

   then you start your Splunk instance using following command in this path  and enter your administrator user name and password 

after that is complete it will give you the GUI URL to access Splunk server -

 before you open the GUI make the last step to enable boot start-


 ! your Instance is ready now -

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